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Akhil village
Popular hiking destination featuring a modest waterfall & pool in forested surrounds with wildlife. Its my experience trip to dhoni waterfall,palakkad. its about 65 km away from my home. I planned a short distance but some interesting experience location near home town. so we heard about dhoni waterfall which is good for one day trip and best for bachelors.Next day we plan to visit location.Early morning 5 am with my 3 other friends 2 bikes started our journey. Early morning ride with best friends awesome fresh air,clean road hhooo... with an hour we reach the location first we take some picture near beautiful paddy farm area then head to waterfall. we visited one of the near hill top which is not famous. for a healthy walk we climb 1km walk top hill. wow it was most beautiful time early mormnig time hill is good to feel. after few hours spent we climb down. Had breakfast dosa and chatinyy....Then next water fall, its forest are if you want get in you should take ticket and permission. after with forest guide or travelers can alone go to inside. after 4 km forest inside walk we reached waterfall location. Its beautiful place for spent a short vacation, we swim up side of waterfall which was illegal there. its good for spent some time inside forest. I got some good experience because of fresh air and long walk, if you are lucky you can meet some animals and birds are famous there. you can take photos. next we visited kava-palakkad its one of the famous film shoot location in kerala, family could spent some good times in kava. kava its a dam side like odd place, when it dam water full you can't enter the place. after we spent some time at Malampuzha Dam. Travelers its good place for one day trip or family trip.
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Kava Dhoni waterfall Malampuzha Dam
keep safe have a nice trip
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keep safe if you are not swim in water. Forest walk-please get permission from forest guide.

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