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Akhil village
Travel like a local one of the best travel experience ever you imagined. one you cross your city of country you can behave like a local. searching for food,purchase and fun etc you can be act like local and free bird. its a common thing if you are traveler.To eat like a local, begin by researching before you travel,explore the city and plan to discover unexpected restaurants. Here I would like to share some travel tips for travelers to find out some local food better than any five star hotels. 1)Act like local, learn some local languages for find out best food place. 2)Ask Local people to find best food restaurant or hotels. 3)Do not follow chain chain food- chain food you are familiar with taste so try some different taste while you are traveling. 4)find some rush restaurants food court, if there rush people buying food, you can guess its best food in the city. 5)Before order food check any reviews in google or any food app. 6)food its most important thing, so every local city there will be a best food spot. 7)Experience Local culture and food 8)before ordering food tell your taste, In India people use lots of spice in cooking food.
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Akhil village, traveler and entrepreneur I would like to share my travel experience to other, those who are thinking same way to explore travel around the world and store their memories in one plat form. Its a unique travelers platform sharing travel relate stories and locations and more community culture and history. Its a one of the most Indian travel platform exploring travel experience and information about travel. Join with us share your experience and upload your location/village to the world travel map. we come to explore your village!
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Find Local culture and food Learn some Local languages for ask help from people Use local Transportation Before spent money for anything ask at least 3 local people to get right In formations about your need. Do not close with people,do not share your valuable belongs with others. Keep less money in your pockets. Ask help local people, if you are troubled.
Learn some local language Hindi, its national language.In India an average people speak in English.
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