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Akhil village
Its one of the famous route for travelers. because Its a long adventure trip inside forest, you can meet animals if you are Lucky. Agali to ooty its was quite interesting ride with my friends. i would like to share my travel experience with addoranslife travel's community. please ride with group because its very dangerous to travel alone inside agali-ooty forest. A quick snapshot of the route: We wanted to reach Ooty from Silent Valley without going to Coimbatore or Mettupalayam Started from Chemmanur (Silent Valley) in Kerala toward the Tamil Nadu border at Annikatti. At Agalli (inside Kerala), we took a diversion heading to Pudur. On the Pudur route, we came across a new bridge (there's only one there), where we turned right towards Mulli The road to Mulli is barely motoroble! We did this stretch in a car, and there were about 10 km for which we didnt cross 10kmph Once you get to Mulli, you go through a crack in the forest that leads to a Tamil Nadu forest check post This post sits along the road between Ooty and Coimbatore. We turned toward Ooty and had a very picturesque drive all the way. There're lots of hair-pin bends (switchbacks) on the route, and the roads were misty too. bring some water and your travel things before start your trip. after check post inside 10 km you cant buy anything from road side. you can see animals walked mark o the road side,mostly elephant and wild cow are famous on the route. If you lucky you can meet them its very dangerous if animal attack travelers. you can get time run away from them its very small road. after forest full hill hiking 40- 46 hire pin you have to cover to reach ooty border. hope you will get some information about the route.please like my story and share.
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keep stay away from wild animal. Please do not stay inside forest after 6 pm. Do not travel after 6 pm, its very dangerous to travel.
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please keep bring your Licence and pollution certificate if you riding own vehicle. If you didn't bring any other vehicle papers, you have to pay the some charges to police. keep safe from wild animal.

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