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Mumbai a cosmopolitan metropolis, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and the capital of the state Maharashtra. There is a lot to explore in Mumbai, but the typical tourist sights are concentrated in South Mumbai. Mumbai has three main seasons — Summer, Monsoon, and Winter (milder summer). The best time to visit is during the winter between November and February. Humidity is also less during the winter, when the climate is pleasant; the minimum temperature is 17 degrees Celsius and the maximum is 30-31 degrees. Summer is from March to May with highs in the low to mid 30s (roughly 80-90°F). It is hot and humid during this time. June to September is the monsoon season when the city is lashed by heavy rains. The city gets flooded two or three times and normal life gets disrupted during this season. Climate is humid pretty much throughout the year because the city rests on the coast. The city main trans portion is electric train its one of the most famous rail service in the world. Travelers experience Local train journey famous food in Mumbai city. There is lots of club and hotels and famous films stars residence near south Mumbai. Trains on all lines start operations after 4 AM and close operations between midnight and 1 AM. Second class travel is very cheap. However, it is advisable to buy first class tickets as the economy class is extremely crowded. First Class can be quite expensive and if four people are travelling together, a taxi might be better.
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Hi @khil from Kerala, am a traveler and story teller- exploring India, I love to travel and experience new culture and history,food and idea. so I love to share my travel experience too......! Its a good habit to share your experience and new idea with other especially travel story. I found this platform Oct 2018, from there I started to blog on addoranslife website. Its good platform for traveler, Its a good travelers guide book as well as provide them good stay. Live -Travel- Share
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1. Sanjay Gandhi National park (previously named Borivili National Park) 2. Gateway of India, Mumbai 3. Fashion Street (Nariman point) 4. Marine Drive 5.Elephanta caves 6. Chor Bazzar 7. Trekking at sahayadris 8. Local Train Travel
keep city clean and safe. welcome to Mumbai city
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1. Keep your money and credit cards safe at all times. Always carry some cash as many places wont take cards 2. Beware of pickpockets on buses and trains.

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One of the best city in India.I Love Mumbai

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