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Delhi is one of India's largest cities, and the core of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with over 21 million inhabitants. Within India it is a major center of arts, commerce, education, tourism, and transit. As the capital of several empires over the last 1000 years, Delhi also contains a striking array of well-preserved historic sites for the tourist to visit. With evidence of continuous settlement dating back to the 6th Century BC, Delhi is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The only geographical features of any significance are the river Yamuna, which flows down the eastern side of the city, and the Aravalli Hills which form a wide but low arc across the west. The climate in Delhi goes through five distinct seasons. Winter, from mid-December to late January, is cold (the temperature drops to near freezing at night though the days are warm) and is notorious for the thick fog that hangs over the city resulting in cancelled flights and delayed trains. Spring in Delhi, in the months of February and March is pleasant with warm days and cool evenings. The hot season, April through June, is uncomfortably hot with soaring temperatures (going as high as 45°C/110°F). Temperatures moderate during the monsoon (rainy) season (July through September) but it is humid. October brings autumn and warm days with relatively cool nights. Getting around Delhi is always an adventure. Traffic is, by and large, horribly congested and many drivers will think nothing of quoting ten times the going price to a tourist. Use the prices below as broad guidelines; agree on prices before setting off.
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Hi @khil from Kerala, am a traveler and story teller- exploring India, I love to travel and experience new culture and history,food and idea. so I love to share my travel experience too......! Its a good habit to share your experience and new idea with other especially travel story. I found this platform Oct 2018, from there I started to blog on addoranslife website. Its good platform for traveler, Its a good travelers guide book as well as provide them good stay. Live -Travel- Share
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(1) Lotus Temple (Free entry) (2) Kalkaji Mandir (Free entry) (3) Jama Masjid (Free 300Rs for Photos) (4) Gurdwara Bangla sahib-Sikh Temple (Free) (5) Lodi Garden (Free) (6) India Gate (free) (7) Jantar Mandir (Entry Fee 100 Rs) (8) Qutab Minar (Entry Fee 250 Rs) (9) Humayuns Tomb (Entry Fee 250 Rs) (10) Tomb of safdarjung (Entry Fee 100 Rs) (11) Raj Ghat- Gandhi memorial (Free entry) (12) Red Fort (Entry Fee 250 Rs) (13) Dilli haat (Entry Fee 20 Rs)
keep your things safe. keep safe and clean city
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Many first-time travelers to India find themselves falling victim to scams and touts and unfortunately Delhi has a lot of both. Be on guard for anybody trying to help you by giving you unsolicited directions or travel advice. Do not blindly rely on the advice of taxi and auto drivers. If this is your first time to India, do not openly admit it, as this will make you more vulnerable to touts.

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